What is Endeavor Protect FS?

Endeavor Protect FS is an automated data backup and restore system providing powerful tools to protect important data.  Unlike traditional data protection tools, Endeavor Protect FS does not require any human assistance beyond the initial installation and setup. There is no media to install, remove, protect, or replace, and protects you from silent data corruption. Endeavor Protect FS is highly secure and only the user has access to their stored data. We call it, eSafe, eSimple, and eSecure!

How Does it Work?

Endeavor Protect FS installs a small client software application on the local computer to manage all of the data protection and restoration. After the data you want to protect is easily identified, Endeavor Protect FS encrypts and compresses this data and then transfers a master copy to our data center. Your valuable data is encrypted and stored at an Endeavor Systems Solutions secure data center. Without your password and pass phrase, no one else can read or use your confidential information. Not even the staff at Endeavor Systems Solutions.

Who needs It?

Everyone! Any sized business. Server farms. Data centers. Workstations. Laptop users. Home computers. Anywhere you store critical information that you can’t afford to be without. Studies have shown that the majority of users don’t back up their critical data on a regular basis but would be greatly inconvenienced if they ever lost their data. If you are looking for an easier and more reliable way to backup your data, then you need Endeavor Protect FS.

What you don't get...

Complicated backup procedures interrupting your daily business activities. Backup media to lose, misplace, or fail. Required transportation of backup media to a remote storage facility. Lost sleep wondering if your backup will really help you if you need it. Silent data corruption.

Unified local and remote backups

Perform encrypted local backups to external hard drives or aggregate local backups to any NAS or SAN with just a couple of extra clicks. You can backup a lot more data locally than you do remotely if you choose to do so. Endeavor Online Backup can even be used solely for local-only backups if the customer is not ready for remote backups. Local backups enjoy all features of remote backups, including reverse block-level deltas, unlimited historical versioning.

Extreme Reliability

Extreme Reliability: The fact is that computers are unreliable. We built our software expecting things to fail and to do everything possible to automatically recover. For example, if your Internet connection is down for 4 hours during the night while your ISP does maintenance – no problem, Endeavor Protect FS automatically recovers even in the middle of 20GB files. Endeavor Protect FS only raises errors on permanent failures. On the go with a laptop that is always on and off? No problem, Endeavor Protect FS pauses and resumes as you come and go. We regularly analyze failed backups and add auto-correction logic to work around common network and operating system problems. We overprovision our data centers and most components have a 2N fault tolerance level instead of just N+1. Endeavor Protect FS just works, our customers know it, and that’s why they love it.