McAfee Endpoint Protection

McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection makes it easy for businesses to protect their environment with unified and continuous threat protection, detection, and correction. Its centralized and extensible framework keeps you efficient as you grow by streamlining security across all your devices and enabling complete visibility for unprecedented operational efficiency.

Complete Endpoint Protection ― Enterprise

Strong, fast, scalable defense for every device and every threat. Intel Security unifies pioneering technologies to protect from chip to cloud. We include our most advanced endpoint protection for large and security-conscious enterprises: behavioral anti-malware, smart scanning, and dynamic whitelisting, in addition to the essential antivirus, antispam, web security, firewall, and intrusion prevention.

Complete Endpoint Protection ― Business

High-performance, affordable security for dynamic businesses with up to 1,000 nodes. Now you can lighten the load on your IT team and secure your business with industry-leading protection against today’s sophisticated threats. Intel Security makes endpoint security transparent to users and easy and efficient for IT with this simple-to-manage suite that safeguards all the devices in your enterprise.

Server Security Suites

McAfee Server Security Suite solutions delivers the most comprehensive server protection and management for physical, virtual, and cloud deployments. Discover workloads for complete security visibility, protect workloads with desired security policies, expand workloads into the cloud with automatic provisioning of security policies, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Threat Intelligence Exchange

McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange significantly optimizes threat prevention, closing the gap from encounter to containment for advanced targeted attacks from days, weeks, and months, down to milliseconds

Small Business Security

Intel Security offers small to medium sized businesses the same level of desktop and network protection as enterprises but with a solution tailored for SMB’s that lowers the complexity and cost. McAfee business security software delivers affordable easy-to-use endpoint, email, web, and mobile security that you can deploy in the cloud or on premises.

Endpoint Protection for SMB

You’ve worked hard to grow your business, and your security shouldn’t slow you down. With McAfee Endpoint Protection for SMB you get powerful protection against advanced threats ― without the need for IT expertise. Designed for businesses like yours, it offers affordable, easy-to-use security that combines award-winning threat protection with web and messaging security, data protection, and rigorous mobile security and device management ― all to secure your internal IT infrastructure.

SaaS Endpoint Suites

McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection Suite delivers essential protection from viruses, spyware, web threats, and hacker attacks. SaaS Endpoint Protection Suite automates your online defenses, lowers costs, and streamlines security deployments, updates, upgrades, and management ― all through the online McAfee SecurityCenter.

Network Security

Network Security solutions from Intel Security include next-generation firewall security and intrusion prevention, advanced behavior analytics, and sophisticated threat detection engines, all designed to protect your next-generation networks. Our network security framework provides maximum availability, security, integrity, flexibility, and manageability with minimum overhead and risk.

Next Generation Firewall

McAfee Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) secures organizations against the most advanced attacks with highly-available, scalable, and flexible cutting-edge protections, all supported by Security Connected, the industry’s broadest and most sophisticated anti-threat ecosystem.

Network Security Platform

McAfee Network Security Platform is a uniquely intelligent security solution that discovers and blocks sophisticated threats in the network. Using advanced threat detection techniques, it defends against stealthy attacks with extreme accuracy at speeds of over 40 Gbps, while providing rich contextual data about users, devices, and applications for fast, accurate responses to network-borne attacks.

Advanced Threat Defense

McAfee Advanced Threat Defense enables organizations to detect advanced targeted attacks and convert threat information into immediate action and protection. Unlike traditional sandboxes, it includes additional inspection capabilities that broaden detection and expose evasive threats. Tight integration between Intel Security solutions ― from network to endpoint ― enables instant sharing of threat information across the environment, enhancing protection and investigation.

Email Protection

Intel Security email protection security solutions provides enterprise-grade protection against targeted phishing threats, complete with integrated data loss prevention (DLP) technology and email continuity. With flexible deployment options―as a cloud-based, on-premises, or integrated hybrid solution―you can implement email security the way you want, when you want.

Security Management

McAfee Security Management is the industry's most comprehensive approach to managing enterprise security which delivers complete integration between McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator software, McAfee endpoint, and McAfee data protection solutions. This tight integration enables you to gain complete visibility of security across various enviroments and our powerful security information and event management (SIEM) brings event, threat, and risk data together to provide strong security intelligence and rapid incident response.


McAfee Enterprise Security Manager ― the foundation of the security information and event management (SIEM) solution family from Intel Security ― delivers the performance, actionable intelligence, and real-time situational awareness at the speed and scale required for security organizations to identify, understand, and respond to stealthy threats, while the embedded compliance framework simplifies compliance.

ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO)

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) is a key component of the McAfee Security Management Platform, and the only enterprise-class software, to provide unified management of endpoint, network, and data security. With end-to-end visibility and powerful automations that slash incident response times, McAfee ePO software dramatically strengthens protection and drives down the cost and complexity of managing risk and security.

Vulnerability Manager

McAfee Vulnerability Manager, with its McAfee Asset Manager feature, delivers unrivaled scalability and performance, actively or passively canvassing everything on your network. Now you can uncover devices hidden on your network as well as smartphones, tablets, and laptops that come and go between scheduled scans.

Application Control

McAfee Application Control software provides an effective way to block unauthorized applications and code on servers, corporate desktops, and fixed-function devices. This centrally managed whitelisting solution uses a dynamic trust model and innovative security features that thwart advanced persistent threats ― without requiring signature updates or labor-intensive list management.